"I've only got 5 minutes!"
The incredible new stress management tool for people who don't have more than 5 minutes to chill out!
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Personal consultation


The attendees will learn the philosophies of the Iog5m stress management system in an interactive and engaging presentation.

They will be taught the 10 principle techniques from the system and given notes, CDs and other learning aids from the system.

Typical subjects covered by the techniques and workshop:

Reducing stress
How to relax at will
Inducing sleep
How to increase energy levels
Improving immunity
Diet for work
Breath/mind connection
How to control emotion
Thought pattern management
Practical meditation
Mastering the nervous system

A preliminary meeting is had to tailor the session to your company's specifc needs.

Duration: 9 hour teaching programme 9am - 6pm

Max attendance: 150 clients.

Investment: £2,997 ($4,765)

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