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The ten 5 minute techniques
Neil Patel
The ten 5 minute techniques

Here are the ten principle exercises we practise...

  1. The Trinity Breath - Instant control of the mind and nervous system by a special breathing formula.
  2. The Thought Observation Technique - Mastering each thought that enters the mind.
  3. Affirmation for Calmness and Mental Relaxation - Programming the consciousness through thought selection and repetition.
  4. The "Aum Shanti" Technique - Obtaining unparalleled control over the respiration and nervous system.
  5. The Eyeball Technique - Mental stillness achieved through control of the optical nerve.
  6. The Square Breathing Technique - Metaphysical exercise for regenerating energy in the body through respiratory control.
  7. The Lake Technique - A creative visual exercise that culminates in the experience of peace.
  8. The Third Eye Technique - A traditional and devastatingly powerful ancient exercise for control over the brain.
  9. Full Body Relaxation - The phenomenal 7 second relaxation technique for the whole body lying down. Great for sleep, rest or quick rejuvenation
  10. The Morning Mindset - Psychological framing for the beginning of a day.

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