"I've only got 5 minutes!"
The incredible new stress management tool for people who don't have more than 5 minutes to chill out!
NEW! FREE Stress Consultation!
The ten 5 minute techniques
Neil Patel
NEW! FREE Stress Consultation!
Let's face it, if we KNEW the stress we were under was actually "too much", we'd probably be more inclined to do something about it!

The fact of the matter is, we don't always know. And that's where the consultation comes in handy.

Either by phone or in person, we will sit down with you for as long as it takes and discuss your concerns and answer your questions (and definitely ask a few!) about your companies set up, staff, and whether stress is playing a healthy or destructive part of company life.

Then, of course, we will make our recommendations and offer you a service that we think suits you. The great thing about this is you get to TRY it out while we're there! We'd be more than happy to show you a few things so you can see the power of Iog5m for yourself!

All you need to do is drop a very quick email to the address below and we can arrange to speak or meet. It won't be a "sales presentation" don't worry, if we get nothing out of it, it will still teach us more about how companies work, and help our work in the future.

So drop us a line here, we look forward to hearing from you!


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