"I've only got 5 minutes!"
The incredible new stress management tool for people who don't have more than 5 minutes to chill out!
Score: 0-20 (Zone 1)
Score: 21-40 (Zone 2)
Score: 41-60 (Zone 3)
Score: 61-80 (Zone 4)
Score: 81 -100 (Zone 5)
Score: 101 - 120 (Zone 6)
Score: 121 - 140 (Zone 7)
Score: 141 - 160 (Zone 8)
Score: 161 - 180 (Zone 9)
Score: 181 - 200 (Zone 10)
Score: 121 - 140 (Zone 7)
Zone: 7 - Insatiable Appetite!

These are people who really know exactly what they want!

They also know exactly what they don’t want! They are clear about who they like, and are straightforward about who they are not interested in! In addition they are very goal orientated and motivated by achievement. They are not at all lazy and don’t like laziness in others. They love to move, travel, talk, try new things and have no problem with failure – many of them don’t even know what it is to fail! They don’t mope, moan and expect sympathy for failing, they tend to bounce right back up and try again…. and again.. and again! Yes, they never give up!  
They are positive about themselves, carrying their heads with tremendous pride and naturally hate to admit defeat! Extremely competitive, these guys live to be the best at what they do, and sometimes take defeat personally; unfortunately some are incapable of slowing down and seeing their own weaknesses objectively, and can leave a situation feeling quite defeated – although this feeling rarely lasts long!
You can get along well with people like this if you’re able to keep up, but do not get in their way unless you want an earful! Stress is what they thrive on and, as bosses and parents, don’t mind cracking the whip and setting a high standard.
Give them too much time and they’ll waste it just so they can feel the panic of manic activity at the end! They love the rush of life, the wind in their hair, and the convertible that goes with it! Mentally and emotionally they need to watch their nervous system and organs like the heart, because over-doing things is in their blood. The phrase “biting off more than you can chew” was made for them! They make friends quickly, but, for better or worse, can move on from friendships just as fast! The meaning of life is not yet known to these ones… and nor are they deeply interested just yet.
The negative side of this zone is that when stress does hit, it hits very very hard! Anger can turn to screaming, shouting, and the contemplation of physical violence too. It is incredibly important for this group to keep busy and focussed, to have personal goals and for them to be stuck to. Over-eating, drug and alcohol abuse and bullying are all negative traits this zone carries when these people are "out of sync". When they don’t want to give up, nothing can stop them, but when they want to give up, very little can inspire them back. This personality is bordering on extreme and is very much getting towards the "all or nothing" state of mind.

Set up a daily routine of meditation, relaxation and contemplation, once in the morning and once before bed. Take definite time out once a week to switch off from your phone, work and every other responsibility you have and get at least a couple of hours of “me time”. In these spaces reflect on your day, week and life; look at your patterns, actions and feelings and bring them all back into balance using wisdom and intuition. If you do this daily, you will find that nothing can stop you in this life from achieving each and every one of your goals.

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