"I've only got 5 minutes!"
The incredible new stress management tool for people who don't have more than 5 minutes to chill out!
Score: 0-20 (Zone 1)
Score: 21-40 (Zone 2)
Score: 41-60 (Zone 3)
Score: 61-80 (Zone 4)
Score: 81 -100 (Zone 5)
Score: 101 - 120 (Zone 6)
Score: 121 - 140 (Zone 7)
Score: 141 - 160 (Zone 8)
Score: 161 - 180 (Zone 9)
Score: 181 - 200 (Zone 10)
NEW! Stress Personality Test!

General Stress Management Personality Test!

Give yourself points for the following statements according to how applicable they are to you.

Answer honestly

It is NOT about getting the LOWEST score. Your total will fit into certain zones on the left hand-side. Once you have your score, please refer to these.

0 - Rarely or never applicable
5 - Sometimes applicable
10 - Mostly always applicable

1.    "I hate queues and will try and jump them if possible."

2.    "If I’m stuck behind a slow driver I can be impatient. I can feel like hooting at them or have a desire to shout at them! (Which I often do within my car and not necessarily to their face!)"
3.     "I don’t mind helping people by listening to their problems, but when they just keep crying it really annoys me!"

4.     "If you know what’s good for you, do NOT talk to me if you know (or even sense) I’m angry at you! I’ll snap back and bite your head off!"
5.    "I need at least two or three holidays a year; whether I get them or not is another matter!"

6.    "People who talk slowly or don’t get to the point quickly actually irritate me and can sometimes succeed in annoying me."

7.    "I find yoga boring and prefer running or a fast sport."

8.    "I can sleep anywhere, I’m not fussed. When I’m tired, that’s it, I’m gone!"

9.    "I need to be doing something all the time."

10. "I prefer active holidays; I can only lie on a beach for so long."

11."I find very few people interesting enough to hold my attention for more than a very short period of time, before I get bored and wander off mentally waiting for them to stop talking!"

12. "When I want something my way, that’s it! I am happy to cause a scene, anywhere, anytime if necessary. I don’t care what people think of me. I feel justified in making a stand in any way I feel appropriate."

13. "I have to use alcohol or drugs to switch off because there is so much going on in my mind."

14. "I find sleep hard. My mind races before bed, and I keep thinking about random stuff."

15. "I wake up sometimes with my heart beating faster than I feel it should be."

16. "I cannot seem to hold down a relationship for very long, and I don’t know why."

17. "I find myself taking things very personally and over-reacting emotionally. I may not say it but I do feel it. It can take hours or days to get over it."

18."Sometimes I wonder if I’m depressed. I’m not sure, but I feel empty at times and a bit low."

19. "I eat faster than those around me."

20.  "I want a lot out of life, and I am not going to stop until I get it. Even if it kills me!"

Thank you for completing the test. Please check the results on the left and what your Zone is.

If you can, send your score to info@iog5m.com 

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